The joy of a new bride!

The joy of a new bride!
I just saw a newly married woman walk pass. She knelt greeting everyone. You could see the excitement in her greeting, talk, smile.

Are you married and have lost the taste of the wine you drank? Don’t give up. Make effort everyday to revive that joy.

I pray God grant us all strength and patience to bear with one another in‪#‎marriage‬. Amen.


Cultural difference in marriage, an advantage or disadvantage?

Advantages :
-Enriches your cultural life and exposes you to more customs, which adds diversity to your life and makes it more colourful in a sort of way

-Increases YOUR sense of social cohesion, in which you feel in harmony with the people around you, just because you are married to someone of different culture. If you successfully achieve peace and love with your mate, then you will feel that life is a lot easier and people can get along better

-Improves your communication modes. Our school teachers always encourage us to chat with tourists and foreigners for cultural exchange. Similarly, having a mate of different culture improves your communication skills as you often switch your modes of speaking / tone / pronunciation, etc.

-Having foreign connections with others. Having a mate from a different culture often means meeting their family which MIGHT not live in the same region.

-Living a special lifestyle : Since your life is more culturally diversified, your life habits might be different from the average people, including your dining and your home design

-Disadvantages :
-There might be cultural disputes due to difference in viewpoints. If the couple has different religions, there might be different value-orientations. Coming from completely different family backgrounds might also arouse a lot of arguments.

-Loss of your own customs : Due to cultural diversity, cultures mix and override each other. You might lose your traditional habits just because of adopting to a different lifestyle with your partner. E.g. not eating traditional food anymore

-Since your partner is of different culture, he / she MIGHT be from another region on Earth. He / she might have to visit their parents and family back at that region regularly, which means less time for the two to spend together

-Difficult to raise a child, because again, of difference in viewpoints. Parents might have different thoughts about how to teach or take care of child, and have conflicting parentying styles, which could lead to a poor life for the child

Why do people get married and Why people don’t get married?


  1. Love
  2. Companionship
  3. To signify a life-long commitment
  4. Security for children
  5. To make a public commitment to each other
  6. For legal status or for financial security
  7. Response to Family pressure
  8. Because of religious beliefs
  9. Desire for a special occasion


Why people don’t get married

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  • Bad previous experience
  • Avoidance of commitment
  • Fear of making a mistake
  • Desire for a singles lifestyle
  • Marriage will interfere with work and career
  • Desire for multiple relationships

Why Do Men Cheat? 3.0

Words of wisdom.

Jay's Blog

Here, at last, is the concluding part to our article on men’s proclivity to unfaithfulness. You can read the previous two episodes here to know how far we’ve come:

I hope you enjoy it.



There is a funny view that people who are not married can enjoy exclusive and intimate access to each other. The unspoken truth is that since they are not married, there are not obliged to be committed to each other. This is, however, not an excuse for anyone to give free rein to their sexual desires. It is a call to seriousness of purpose. If you have attained a marriageable age, PLEASE MARRY. If you don’t think you are ready for marriage, stick to being friends with others and don’t commit yourself. And for the love of everything sane and sacred ZIP UP!

Some women don’t make this whole issue any easier…

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#25 Can I ask a Question…about Lust?

Diary of a Cleric

Dear Doctimus Prime,

Today’s entry is a rather short one. Someone asked me a question:

“Can an element of lust be found in true love?”

Here was what I had to say:

Your question is similar to asking if an element of darkness may be found in light. Your answer is a resounding “No”. But if what you consider “lust” is simply the natural attraction which one feels towards someone they love, your answer is “Yes”.

Love always seeks growth and this growth is seen in the growing attraction you feel towards someone you’re close to. Some of the people we love are family, others are friends. There is also one special person for whom love will mean marriage. It is good to set your mind right and know what you’re looking for and what you’re doing when you say you love someone. This is because, sometimes, you…

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Losing weight; the mouth style

She got me here!


My baby weight is here to stay this time, please do not for a second think that I am upset about it. It is quite a pleasurable feeling the way my newly acquired hips hug my jeans. I like the way my figure fills up a dress now.

But I realise that when people say ‘Oh you don’t look like three kids’, I find myself wondering if they are blind. My mid section is not quite the taut it used to be.

“Madam, its been stretched three times already, something gotta give!” Said my friend when I complained.

“Do sit-ups” another offered.

I spend time looking in the mirror at my waistline, sucking belle and wishing it could stay that flat. Then something struck me- that is all I do.

I use my mouth to whine about getting the tommy firmer, the most exercise I do(if it counts), is those…

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